Fairy Dust


Fairy Dust $11 – Glass $44 – Bottle Our newest sparkling wine is made from Syrah grapes grown and harvested from the Lodi region in California. A sweet dot on the tip on the tounge, which disappears immediately and grows into a long, fruity and tart finish. Very exciting wine, as it is a rose!

Almond Sparkling Wine


Almond Sparkling Wine $11 – Glass $40 – Bottle This wine is our classic Brut, with almond essence. French Columbard grapes create a fruit forward sparkling wine (that was produced with the traditional champagne method) and the almond essence transforms it into a marzipan-y goodness. This wine is for celebrations!



Brut $11 – Glass $40 – Bottle California Our sparkling wine is composed of French Colombard, an offspring of the Chenin Blanc grape. All sparkling wines are produced in the Méthod Charmat, in which a cold secondary fermentation occurs in stainless tanks and then bottled under pressure. The grapes are grown in the fertile San Joaquin Valley of California. The … Read More