Gilli Vino Spumante Extra Dry Rosato (dry rose)


Gilli Vino Spumante Extra Dry Rosato (dry rose) #13 – glass $45 – bottle Region: Piedmont, Italy Varietal: Rose of Malvasia This is a sparkling rose’ wine where we find the irresistible floral bouquet and the aftertaste of small red fruit of the classic Malvasia Gilli. The marked acidity and low sugar content make it excellent as an aperitif or … Read More

Gilli Malvasia (sweet red)


Gilli Malvasia (sweet red) $12 – glass $45 – bottle Region: Piedmont, Italy Varietal: Malvasia The eye is attracted immediately to its mousse, a soft bead of pin-point bubbles, as well as to its appealing purple-tinged, cherry-red hue. The bouquet offers clean-edged wild red forest berry, along with unexpected floral fragrances, which the sensitive nose will recognize as iris and … Read More

West Coast Love


West Coast Love $12 – Glass Our newest sparkling wine cocktail. Strawberry infused Riesling blended with a dry sparkling wine made from French Colombard grapes. Strawberry-ish, refreshing, sweet and dry at the same time.

Almond Sparkling Wine


Almond Sparkling Wine $12 – Glass $40 – Bottle This wine is our classic Brut, with almond essence. French Columbard grapes create a fruit forward sparkling wine (that was produced with the traditional champagne method) and the almond essence transforms it into a marzipan-y goodness. This wine is for celebrations!



Brut $12 – Glass $40 – Bottle California Our sparkling wine is composed of French Colombard, an offspring of the Chenin Blanc grape. All sparkling wines are produced in the Méthod Charmat, in which a cold secondary fermentation occurs in stainless tanks and then bottled under pressure. The grapes are grown in the fertile San Joaquin Valley of California. The … Read More