Bikini Bottom


Bikini Bottom $9 – glass $36 – bottle Varietal: Pineapple and Pear essence in Riesling This light body wine exudes exotic  and classic fruits, leading with pineapple and ends with a surprising pear note. Perfect pairing for a poolside afternoon, or for someone who is in the beginning of their wine career.

Orchard Mist


Orchard Mist $9 – Glass $36 – Bottle Varietal: Green Apple Riesling Crisp, crunchy green apple flavor with a pleasant initial tartness, followed by a delicious juicy finish. A real thirst-quenching treat.



Skydance $9 – Glass $36- Bottle Varietal: Raspberry in Pinot Noir. Sweet, ripe raspberries mix with peach undertones and a classic Pinot Noir. Fruity, earthy and wine-y.