Custom Wine!

Ever wonder how wine is made? Now you can be the winemaker and find out! Our process is no different than any other quality winery, however, like many wineries, we don’t grow our own grapes. Instead, we buy quality crushed grapes (‘grape must’) from the finest award-winning vineyards around the world. Such regions include; California, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Spain and South Africa.

We invite you to be your own winemaker. We will assist you in creating your own private vintage. The “Adopt-A-Grape” program offers the opportunity to select from the wines that are in fermentation to enjoy the experience of bottling, corking and personalizing with your custom label. It is easy and fun for families, groups and team building. Three easy steps:

  • Select from the wines in fermentation
  • Arrange your bottling party date
  • Come in and enjoy the experience

Adoption is subject to a 1 case minimum and fermentation schedule of available wines.

Whether it’s a special event or
a team building exercise

// Brides • Business Owners • Birthdays • Oenophiles //

Bottle Your Own

Great for businesses, brides, birthday parties, holiday gifts, restaurants! It’s Easy and Fun! We’ll show you how.

  1. Select and adopt your wine
  2. Choose a vintage from our list of wines we are currently making
  3. Customize your label by choosing your own personal greeting, family name, business logo, or graphic
  4. Set up a bottling party – bring your friends and family to enjoy the experience of bottling, corking, and labeling your personal vintage.
  5. Enhance your experience by enjoying our wide selection of wine, and delicious food menu

Brides & Grooms!

This is your chance to make a huge personalized statement and make your wedding stand out! Bottle your own batch of wine and put your engagement photo on the label.

Great for:

  • Save the Date!
  • Wedding Invitation, right on the bottle!
  • Bridesmaid/Groomsmen Gift
  • Mothers of the Bride/Groom Gift
  • Or you personalize the wine you will serve at your wedding!

The best part? Throw your shower at the winery or bachelorette party and all of your friends and family can participate in bottling your wine! A batch starts at a minimum of 1 case of wine (750 ml bottles) or 2 cases (375 ml bottles) that will be fully ready to go home with you after your bottling party. Red wines will need at least 6 months to age in the bottle.

Wines In Our Tanks

New Wine Adoption and Bottling Availability Dates:

65 Degrees


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